Mrs Una Harriet Ella Stratford Dugdale

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Born: 1880

Died: 1975

Place of birth: Upper Norwood, Surrey, England

Education: Cheltenham Ladies College; and in Germany and Paris (singing)

Main Suffrage Society: WSPU

Arrest Record: Yes

Recorded Entries: 1


Other sources:
Elizabeth Crawford, The Women's Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide 1866?1928 (1999)

Further Information:

Family information: In 1912 she married Victor Duval, who was also arrested in support of the women's suffrage movement. Her father was a supporter of the MLWS and her sister Joan was also a suffragette.

Additional Information: Una probably joined the WSPU in 1907 and toured the country with Christabel Pankhurst. She spent 1908 working for the cause in Aberdeen (where her family had a holiday home), before relocating to London. She and her sister Joan Dugdale (also a WSPU suffragette) gave a banner to the WSPU demonstration in Hyde Park, London in June 1908. She was arrested in 1909 in Parliament Square, having taken part in a 'raid' on the House of Commons, and served one month in prison. In 1910 and 1911, Una travelled with Emmeline Pankhurst on her Scottish speaking tours.

Other Suffrage Activities: It is worth noting that when Una and Victor Duval (see Victor Duval) married in 1912, they insisted that the marriage vow 'to obey' be removed from the service, which was very controversial at the time. Once married, she wrote a pamplet dealing with this issue, titled 'Love and Honour ? but not Obey'.

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