Mrs Mildred Ella Mansel

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Born: 1868

Died: 1942

Place of birth: Roehampton, Surrey, England

Main Suffrage Society: WSPU

Society Role: Organiser

Arrest Record: Yes

Recorded Entries: 2


Other sources:
Elizabeth Crawford, The Women's Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide 1866?1928 (1999)

Further Information:

Family information: Niece of Lord Wimborne. Her cousin was Ivor Guest, once the Liberal Party 'Chief Whip' and an anti-suffragist. She married Colonel J D Mansel in 1888 and they had three children.

Additional Information: Mildred was arrested for taking part in a deputation to the House of Commons in June 1909. In 1910, she became a local organiser in Bath and rented a property there in 1911, just so that local suffrage protestors could sleep there overnight to 'evade' and thus spoil the population statistics collected by government officials for the 1911 census survey on the night of 2 April 1911. This was part of a wider boycott of the census by suffrage campaigners up and down the country, in protest at not having the vote. That year, Mildred also broke two windows in the War Office in London and was sentenced to seven days in prison. Suffragette Grace Roe noted that Mildred was almost 'beyond arrest' because of her close family connections to the Liberal Party, who were in goverment (see Family), and the scandal this would have caused. Mildred rented a 'safe' flat for Grace in London that year. In 1914, the flat was raided by police looking for suffrage 'mice' evading recapture after their temporary release from prison under the 'Cat and Mouse Act'.

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