Mrs Rosamond Nora Massy

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Born: 1870

Died: 1947

Place of birth: London, Middlesex, England

Main Suffrage Society: WSPU

Society Role: Organiser

Arrest Record: Yes

Recorded Entries: 3


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Further Information:

Family information: Married to a Colonel in the Dragoon Guards. They had one daughter.

Additional Information: Rosamund likely joined the WSPU in 1908. By 1909, she had become a WSPU organiser in London, but travelled to Preston to interrupt a meeting held by Winston Churchill by breaking a nearby post office window with a stone. She was imprisoned and went on hunger strike until her mother paid her fine and she was released a week later. She was arrested a few more times, but was next put in prison for breaking a window on 'Black Friday' in November 1910. She served one month. She was a hard worker and organiser, and a good speaker on public platforms.

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