Mrs Jane Sparborough

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Born: 1842

Died: 1925

Occupation: Needlewoman

Main Suffrage Society: WSPU

Arrest Record: Yes

Recorded Entries: 1


Other sources:
Elizabeth Crawford, The Women's Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide 1866?1928 (1999)

Further Information:

Additional Information: There are several spellings of Jane's surname. The spelling recorded in the Home Office arrest records, 'Sparborough', was also used by the WSPU's Sylvia Pankhurst. However, it has also been spelled as 'Sbarboro' and 'Sbarbara'. Jane was a member of London's Bromley and Bow branch of the WSPU, and in 1906 she was arrested taking part in a deputation and sentenced to six weeks in prison. In court she was asked why she had taken part, to which she replied, 'Because we want the vote. We [women] see the misery you men have done... You would have some sympathy if you lived down Bow-common and saw the misery there. I think women can undo the tangle you men have made.'

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