Suffragette aliases

Tara Morton
Cloth embroidered with suffragette signatures (detail) - LSE Library

Women who were involved in suffrage campaigning sometimes used false names or aliases, occasionally to protect their families from unfair treatment by those opposed to women’s suffrage, but most often by law-breaking suffragettes wishing to evade the police and confuse the authorities. Several suffragette aliases were known to the police and some have since been identified by historians.

Below is a list of the names of suffragettes and their aliases, based on research by suffrage expert Elizabeth Crawford, with some appearing in the suffrage database.



Mary Aldham

Mary Wood

Olive Bartels

Margaret Cunningham

Frances Bartlett

Frances Satterly

Olive Beamish

Phyllis Brady

Annie Bell

Hannah Booth; Elizabeth Bell

Hilda Burkitt


Kate Cardo

Catherine Swain

Eileen Casey

Eleanor Cleary; Irene Casey

Evelyn Cheshire

Evelyn Taylor

Gwendoline Cook

Ethel Cox

Helen Craggs

Helen Millar

Ethel Crawley

Mary Carlyn

Emily Wilding Davison

Mary Brown

Elsie Duval

Millicent Dean; Eveline Dukes

Emily Fussell

Georgina Lloyd

Theresa Garnett

Annie O’Sullivan

Florence Graves

Frances Gordon

Nellie Hall

Mary Roberts

Helen Hanson

Helen Rice

Edith Hudson

Mary Brown

Florence Hull

Mary Gray

Jessie Kenney

Constance Burrows; Mary Fordyce

Lilian Lenton

Ida/Ada Inkley

Leslie McMurdo

Leslie Lawless

Kitty Marion

Aunt Maggie

Selina Martin

Mary Richards

Ethel Moorhead

Margaret Morrison; Edith Johnson; Mary Humphreys

Elsie Myers

Marjorie Manners

Christabel Pankhurst

Amy Richards

Frances Parker

Janet Arthur

Rachel Peace

Jane Short

Mary Phillips

Margaret Paterson

Grace Roe

Grace Courtney

Grace Scholey

Freda Graham

Arabella Scott

Catherine Reid

Muriel Scott

Jane C Dark; Ellen Smith

Ella Stevenson

Ethel Slade

Geraldine Stevenson

Grace Stuart

Grace Cameron Swan

Greta Cameron

Mary Ellen (Nellie) Taylor

Mary Wyan

Olive Wharry

Joyce Lock(e); Phyllis North

Laetitia Withall

Leslie Hall

Gertrude Wilkinson

Jessie Howard