Women's Suffrage 

History and Citizenship resources for schools

Engage your students with their own democratic future through historical case studies of suffragists and contemporary campaigners for gender equality.

The Women’s Suffrage resources project explores women at the hustings through the 17th and 18th centuries, to the growth of the suffrage movement in the 19th century and forward to contemporary democratic voices.

The project brings to life the ordinary people who campaigned for the right to vote – through both peaceful means and more militant methods.

These resources have been developed by the Historical Association and the Association for Citizenship Teaching with support from the Government Equalities Office and Cabinet Office.

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Suffrage Database
Explore our searchable database of nearly 3,000 individuals from around the UK (and further afield) who fought for women to get the vote, using data from the 1866 Women’s Suffrage Petition and the 1914 Home Office Amnesty (an index of suffragette arrests from 1906-1914, transcribed here for the first time).
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Winning poster
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Access a variety of podcasts, film, case studies and articles to support subject knowledge for both teachers and students, covering the history of women at the hustings from the 17th century right up to questions of citizenship and equality today.
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